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This is a great product! And thanks so much for your persistence in recovering my data from my old system."
Wade Lennan
Monaco Motors
Canoga Park, CA  

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About GenesisFour Corporation

Since 1983, GenesisFour has developed its software in shops like yours. Bosch Service Centers, Mercedes Benz, BMW, and Volvo specialty shops, truly a professional system for a professional shop just like yours. With the turn of the century we expanded our marketplace to include Heavy Duty Truck and General Repair Shops.

Being Year2000 compliant years before necessary we moved right into Service2000, developing a commercial grade system using the OpenEdge database from Progress Software Company. In 2007 we introduced ServiceShop™, again, years before it was necessary, we were compliant for the all new Windows Server2012 and Windows 7 Professional.

Our philosophy is simple. Produce a technically superior program so you don't have 'computer' issues, and surround it with profit enhancement features that insure you'll be in business making money at your desired level. Profit is no longer something you see at the end of the year, it is built into every repair and every service, every hour.

It is your technician’s job to be efficient; it’s your Service Writer’s job to make it profitable. Your job is to track the process and it’s our job to give you the tools of a professional. More information about GenesisFour Corporation can be found at or contact us at 800-YES-GEN4.

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