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Enhancement #  20109001


Title: Multiple Service Dues per Template


Description:  When creating a template for a vehicle you can only add one “service due” to show up if you use that template.  When we create “specialty” templates for a coupon that includes an oil change and a tire rotation, you can only attach one of those services to show up as a reminder to do in the future.  I would like to add both of those to that template so when it is imported, the customer will see that they are due for a tire rotation on such and such date AND an oil change on such and such date.  Now I have to import those templates and then delete them for them to show up on the invoice as reminders! 


Submitted by:  Cheryl Fagnilli - Fagnilli's Automotive

Mike Najjar - Master Auto Repair

Roger Austin - Advanced Automotive

Tom Schearer - Schearer's Sales & Service




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