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Enhancement #  20104022


Title:  Parts Number Switch "Item#/Part#"



Still looking to have a button to print part #ís on/off for an estimate.

Situation:  We provide a written estimate for customers before doing any work.  Right now I have to go into configuration and turn off part numbers to print so the customer can not shop online for the parts.  Then I have to go back into configuration to turn on the part numbers to complete a service invoice.  It would be great if there was some sort of on/off button located within creating an estimate, maybe at the print stage.



Submitted by:  Deb Maynard

Optimal Auto - Nate Smith

Sam Fagnilli - Fagnilli's Automotive

Autotechtronics By Robert - Robert Gruener

 Roger Austin - Advanced Automotive

Jack's Auto Sales - Craig Etter




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