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Enhancement #  20101003


Title:  Create New Customers from Schedule


Description:  In the schedule window, when creating an appointment for someone who is a new customer, it would be a huge time saver to be able to be able to enter customerís basic info without first adding them to the database in the customer desktop. 

For example - I just type first and last name into the new appointment window rather than assign customer.  When the system recognizes that that customer does not exist it might give me a message saying customer does not exist - would you like to add it now? (Like it does when a model of vehicle is entered that the system does recognize.) Saying yes would add whatever information you inputted about the customer to a new customer file. 

 This would eliminate a big step and make the scheduling process a whole lot smoother.



Submitted by:  Bogi Lateiner - 180 Degrees Automotive

 Roger Austin - Advanced Automotive

A+ Dealer Alternative - Craig & Mary Grace Crosby




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