Enhancements for Senior Service Manager

Release 5.0 - Change Log

Issues resolved in the A06  patch release:

Corrected: Appointment Schedule has been fixed to solve problems with creating appointments beyond 1/1/2000. 

Corrected: Error in Vendor Purchase Report for year ranges beyond 2000. 

Corrected: Service Order Hunt now defaults to all valid years (1930-2029) rather then 1930-1999.

Corrected: Statements printed without a laser form no longer double-space the statement lines.

Corrected: M/movesorc.p has been modified to affect lead as well as customer records. 

Corrected: Service Advisor's Report no longer has mathematical errors.

Corrected: Problem with printing checks, dot matrix only,  from within checkbook on Windows. 

Corrected: Service Order Hunt now defaults to all possible vehicle years (1930-2029). 

Removed: Old Salesmen Report (replaced by Service Advisor's Report).

Issues resolved in the A05 patch release:

Corrected: Sales Tax - Fixed problem with reviewing parts invoices resulting in the tax being stripped.

Corrected: Estimate & Invoice Printing - Fixed problems with dot-matrix printers not paging correctly (blank pages at end of report, not skipping the papers perforation). This problem only affected dot-matrix printers under UNIX.

Issues resolved in previous patch releases:

Corrected: G/genrep.p - General Journal Report

Corrected: G/gstdrep.p - Standard Journal Report

Corrected: G/gl_anrpd.p - Divisional P&L

Corrected: C/chklabl2.p - Resolves line spacing/alignment problem with Standard Labels printed from "Check an Item".

Corrected: E/esttotal.p - Resolves tax calculation problem for customers configured with a customer tax rate.

Added: M/movesorc.p - This program is used for moving customers from one source/sub source to another. Replaces M/mergsorc.p in previous versions.

Corrected: A/aprptdat.p - Resolves problems with Accounts Payables which occur only when a user backdates posting date prior to the beginning of the current month.

NOTE: Each patch release includes all previous patch releases.





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